An Important Consideration:

Before making a final decision on purchasing a new generator, you should also consider the ongoing maintenance a generator will need.  Your budget should factor the cost of maintaining the generator and not just the purchase and installation.

If you purchase a generator with a proprietary controller, you may not have a choice in choosing the service provider that you want.  You will not be able to “go out for bid”.  You might be stuck with only one choice which may not be the best or most cost effective choice.

ASK US –we can guide you in the right direction

For over 15 years we have provided reliable back-up power to meet the most demanding quality and performance requirements under the most severe conditions.  When an outage continues for more than a few hours, it becomes far more than a nuisance.  Extended outages can be costly in terms of inconvenience and extra expenses.  That’s why intelligent business owners know that having a standby power system is a proven way to protect against power interruptions.  It is a wise investment to make before the power goes out.

JUST ASK US and we will come out and provide you with the proper size generator unit that is required for your facility, along with the proper Automatic Transfer Switch, annunciator panel, emergency stop button, or whatever may be required, and provide a detailed quote, free of charge.

Our manufacturers offer standard sized generators for those who don’t need a unique design.  However, if you do have special size requirements our manufacturers can also build custom generators in sizes up to 2 MEG.

After assisting you with the process of determining what unit best fits your needs, team of experts can provide you with a professional installation and our certified technicians can provide you with  on-site start-up and training to help you operate and better understand the functions of your generator.

Our company will register the warranty for your generator; provide you with an ongoing Generator Maintenance Agreement; and we will notify you when it is time for service.

From professional sizing and installation, to our 24-hour service and support, trust our experts at Alternative Energy Solutions, Ltd. for complete peace of mind.