Your generator needs regular maintenance to ensure that when you need the generator, it will function properly. Even if you’re not using the generator, it still needs to be serviced. If you keep pushing off the maintenance, chances are your generator will not work when you need it. Servicing your generator is very important and is the single most important thing you can do to make sure your generator runs when the power goes out. Ongoing service is cost effective and does not take a lot of time. Just ask us and we will provide you with a free quote for your generator maintenance.

Interested in comparing your current service or just want a quote? Call us at 800-800-0822 or 219-865-2700, or send us an email at For price comparison, please provide us with the following information: make, model number, size, and serial number of the generator, as well as the model number and serial number of the engine. If you can’t find this information, we will help you figure it out on the phone or we will come out and obtain the information needed free of charge.

We will put a Generator Maintenance Agreement together for your review. By signing the Generator Maintenance Agreement, you will save up to 35% over the maintenance costs without an agreement. Customers who have a service agreement with us also enjoy not only lower prices but also preference over customers without a service agreement. Your generator is an investment, do yourself and your generator a favor – sign up for a maintenance agreement today.

Alternative Energy Solutions, Ltd. utilizes an independent laboratory to analyze oil, engine coolant and diesel fuel. The analyses are carefully reviewed and recommendations are presented when warranted. If this is something you need, we can add this into your Generator Maintenance Agreement.